Write an application to your Gram Pradhan of your locality to install a few street lights in your area.

APPLICATION FORMAT TO THE PANCHAYAT PRADHAN To Join Here The Panchayat Pradhan                                          Date: …../…../…. [Name of the Panchayat Pradhan] [Name of the village, district] Sub: [Application for……………] Sir,     On behalf of a resident of [Name of the village], I have the honor to inform you that I am [Name of the applicant]. I live at [Name of the … Read more

Write a letter to the Editor of a newspaper, expressing your views on modern teenagers.

To, The Editor, The Times of India, Mumbai. Sir, I do not endorse the views on modern teenagers expressed by `Chanakya’ (25th July). He charges them with slavish imitation of the latest, exotic fashions in clothes. This may be true of some youngsters belonging to the affluent section of society; but the vast majority of … Read more

Write a letter to your friend about your difficulties in coping up with the new normal due to the pandemic.

If you notice that your friends are struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic and school reopening: • Show genuine interest and ask them, “Do you want to talk about your feelings and concerns?” or “How are you feeling about going back to school? ” • Listen attentively like turning your body to face your friend and … Read more

Letter of Complaint About Garbage Collection – Sample Letter of Complaint Regarding Garbage Collection

Date: ________   To The Editor-in-Chief __________ Newspaper (Office Address) Tel. _________   Sub.: Garbage mismanagement in our locality   Respected Sir/Madam,   I beg to draw your kind attention to the garbage mismanagement issues in our locality at _______, PIN ________. There is no proper system in place for collection and disposal of garbage … Read more

(i) Letter to the Municipal Corporation Informing About Overflowing Garbage in the Bin – Overflowing Garbage Complaint Letter

The _____________ (Commissioner), Municipal Corporation, ___________ (City), Date://____ (Date) Subject: Overflowing garbage bin Respected Sir/Madam, I, _________(name) residing at _________ (Address), beg to draw your kind attention, to an outgrowing issue in our residential area. For the last few ______ (days/weeks/months), we have been facing this awful situation of overflowing…

Write a letter to the municipality on the lack of proper waste disposal mechanism in your area.

To, The _____________ (HOD/Commissioner), Municipal Corporation, ___________ (City), Date:__/__/____ (Date) Subject: Garbage Collection I, _________(name) residing at _________ (Address), beg to draw your kind attention, to an outgrowing issue in our residential area. For the last few ______ (days/weeks/months), we have been facing an awful situation in that we are unable to dump the garbage … Read more

Science — a blessing or a curse?

by Catherine Schmitt, Science Communication Specialist with Schoodic Institute at Acadia National Park   Scientists often express frustration over their attempts to communicate with public audiences. Through our workshops and presentations, I’ve come to believe that one root of this frustration is the difference in nature-related knowledge and experiences between scientists and their audiences. Unaware … Read more

Travelling as a part of Education

Travelling means going from one’s place to another or from one’s country to another. This instinct of roaming about is rooted in man’s nature. This instinct leads a man to see the unseen, to know the unknown and to unveil the mystery. Therefore it is very beneficial part of education. Travelling is immensely beneficial. Nowadays, … Read more