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The Editor,

The Times of India,



I do not endorse the views on modern teenagers expressed by `Chanakya’ (25th July). He charges them with slavish imitation of the latest, exotic fashions in clothes. This may be true of some youngsters belonging to the affluent section of society; but the vast majority of lower middle class teenagers prefer traditional, sober clothes.

Nor can it be said that modern teenagers are less intelligent, industrious and responsible than their counterparts in the recent past. In fact, the teenager of today has varied interests, possesses adequate general knowledge, and takes keen interest in what is happening around him.

As regards the acts of indiscipline and rowdyism indulged in by students, they are mostly confined to certain states in North India. The problem of student indiscipline doesn’t exist in states like Maharashtra. Even in the states where it does exist, it is largely due to the interference of political parties.

It is regrettable that a responsible citizen like ‘Chanakya’ should have made sweeping remarks on modern teenagers.

Yours truly

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