As an NSS volunteer, write a report on the field work done by the NSS of your college regarding the public health of your town or village

There are no results for Why should I join the NSS? Well,There are many reasons why one should join NSS, I have been the volunteer in my college NSS unit and and its has been a fantastic experience since then with them.Some of the main motivating factors of joining NSS according to me are: You get … Read more

How can internet be used as a research tool for business communication?

Internet marketing benefits for business Businesses can benefit from using effective internet marketing strategies. There are various high-quality advertising platforms on the Internet that help gain loyal customers, build trust, and increase workplace productivity. Automation of repetitive marketing tasks and campaign tracking tools are really beneficial for businesses to use. Search engine optimization, content marketing, … Read more

As a member of the Alumni association of your school, write a report of the field work done by the association regarding the problems faced by the family members of the differently abled students in your school.

Alumni associations have been a part of educational institutions for as long as we can remember. Human beings are always considered social animals. But by social we do not mean the normal social interactions that every individual has with another. This is something that animals also have. But what is something that makes human beings … Read more

Discuss the barriers of effective business communication. OR  Explain the various dimensions of business communication.

Types of communication barriers in business Incorrect or inadequate communication channels One of the major tenets of effective business communication is pairing the right channel with the right message. Using the wrong channel can make your message ineffective. For example, an urgent notice may seem less time-sensitive if sent by email versus text. Response times … Read more