Write a letter to your friend about a place you visited recently during your holidays

Park Street,
House No 301,
Kolkata,March 1,  2022.

Dear Asim,

How are you? Everything is well at my end and hope the same is with you. In today’s letter, I have shared my experience of visiting a sea beach during the summer vacation with my family.

We went to Puri early in the morning by Duronto Express. We checked into the hotel, I quickly finished my breakfast and left for the sea. I missed the cool breeze for so long, it is so hot in the city. The crowd had not gathered then to obscure my view. The vastness of the sea is always awe-inspiring.

The white foaming waves breaking on the shore refreshed my tired soul. My sister joined me after some time and we had a long talk strolling on the beach. We spend a good time together clicking pictures, sipping in coconut water and just gazing at the blue waves getting mingled with the sky. As long as I was in the Puri, I visited the seaside every morning.

We are back in the city. The memories of the mysterious sea flash across my mind filling my heart with joy. Convey my regards to the elder of the family.

Yours Sincerely,
Chiranjit Das

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