Write A Letter To Your Friend Describing About Your Online Classes

Date: //____

From _______,

Hey! I hope you are fine, I am also doing absolutely well.

I am having online classes these days, and I was a bit free as well. So I thought I would write something to you.

All our school classes are being digitalized to the next level. Our classes are either conducted on zoom or on Microsoft teams, Depending upon which platform is easier to conduct a class. We get schedules a day prior and we have to prepare ourselves accordingly.

We are supposed to create an environment that is calm and noise-free so that when we have to converse it is easier for the listener to communicate. Plus, at the same time, we get homework also. We are supposed to finish our homework at the given time and we have to submit it by mailing it.

We have somehow learned how to use a computer well and how to use it effectively. I would love to teach you about the same. Waiting for your experience. Keep posting to me.

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