The day everything went wrong.

One night, last semester I could not sleep soundly. The night passed as I tossed and turned in bed. I could only remember one of the numerous dreams I had in the night. The dream was based on activities in a birthday party I had attended, and we enjoyed all kinds of finger-leaking food and drinks. I woke up extremely jovial and related the dream to my father. He gazed at me as he shook his head and told me that it was a horrible dream, and I advised me to take care of my activities during the day. To me the dream seemed joyful, and I could not attach any horror experience to it.

I took a bath and was ready for school. Our house-help has already prepared my breakfast- bacon and tea. I hurriedly took the breakfast on my left hand and held the teapot in the right hand as I walked to the dining room. Accidentally, my foot was caught in a cloth that lied on the floor, and I lost balance and fell over. The teapot and the plate smashed into pieces with the bread landing on a heap of dust that had been swept that morning. I had to go to school hungry since there was no more breakfast in the house. However, the previous weekend my uncle for helping him in cleaning his car had paid me some money. There I was sure I would buy something to eat when I got to school.

Since I always have early lectures every Monday, I had to hurry up. I rushed to the bus stop so that I may catch a bus to the university. I was not lucky since as I approached the bus stop, the university bus was rolling out of the bus stop after waiting for me for some time. As an option, I had to catch a bus that would drop me at the gate of the school. I hurriedly got into a bus that was at the stop. It had not yet gotten into my senses that this day was the most unfortunate day of my life. We were almost two kilometers to the university when one of the rear tires busted. It was the most scaring experience I have ever had. The bus landed into a ditch as almost everyone cried for help. Luckily, I escaped with no injury. However, I lost my school bag in the process.

I was already late for my first lesson. I even wondered how I could have attended it without my bag, which I believe was in the ditch. I hanged around the lecture hall so that I may catch up with the activities of the day. It is at this time that the horror of horror struck. My best friend approached me and confronted me “Have you submitted your assignment?” I could not remember that I had my assignment in the lost school bag. My lecturer had no chance to listen to my flaw. All I believed is that I had committed the worst mistake of my academic life. I approached the lecturer after the lecture pleading with him as I explained my situation. He warned me against late submission of the assignment but allowed me to submit it in the afternoon. The challenge was how I would handle the assignment under extensive mental pressure.

Little did I know that my bad day had indeed arrived. The security officer at the entrance was new to the job, and he had to be as strict as his calling demands. When I handed him the card, he asked me to look up as he compared my face with the picture in the card. He could clearly tell that I was not the owner of the card. He held my hand directing me to the library director’s office. The administrator had heard of the habit but had not confirmed of its existence. Little did I understand that I was to become a clear example to the other students. He took me through the regulations of the library and informed me that I should not use another student’s card to enter to the library. Following the incidence, I was expelled from the institution for two weeks, and I had to put up with the agony of my dream.

When I got home, I could not explain what had happened during the day. My father had predicted my day would be bad if I were not keen. However, the unfortunate rolled the day, making it the worst day of my life.

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